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  2. Placing the Ten Commandments on court houses
  3. Boot on the other foot
  4. Creationism/Intelligent Design
  5. Gay Marriage
  6. Illinois: Doing away with freedom of religion, one bill at a time
  7. Northern Virginia Islamic school ducating future terrorists?
  8. Huh?? (Priest Gets 2 Year Jail Sentence)
  9. Polygamy
  10. Religion, taxes, and policy
  11. should the LDS church lose it's tax excempt status
  12. I'm actually agreeing with the religious groups this time
  13. "What will change everything?"
  14. Gay is wrong, but not this other stuff?
  15. You're Gay? You're FIRED!
  16. Intelligent Design
  17. Does Atheism count as a religious viewpoint?
  18. Should Mother Theresa be on a Postage Stamp?
  19. Mississippi High school cancels prom after student wanted to bring same sex date.
  20. Choice of where to get married
  21. NJ schools allow for pagan religious holidays
  22. Cult Militia trying to start a war...
  23. Buddha, please! I'm Christian!
  24. Polyamory and marriage (long question)
  25. The Army forcing attendance at an Evangelical Christian concert.
  26. Childcare celebrates an "end of year" theme instead of Christmas...
  27. Is the Ten Commandments a historical document?
  28. Teacher's using classrooms to promote their religious views
  29. a right to refuse service?
  30. Students and religious expression.
  31. Praying in Schools, Pledging the Flag in Church
  32. private schools insert own religious verse into national anthem
  33. this is what happens when religion is in charge
  34. Marine Vet Sought VA Conseling for PTSD, Gets Subjected to Homophobic Rant by Nurse
  35. The whole "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" argument
  36. Atheist messages displace CA park nativity scenes
  37. Girl bullied over religious mural lawsuit.
  38. Political interference with Religion
  39. The Utah senate proves how vile religion is
  40. Prayer in British Councils deemed unlawful
  41. Judges are supposed to be impartial dammit!
  42. "Under God"
  43. Religon interfering with Politics
  44. Rape Victim Denied Contraceptives
  45. Mega-churches VS the IRS
  46. you mean there are *gasp* other religions? more state sponsored "christian" bigotry
  47. Let's teach our kids how to hate homosexuals!
  48. Can I smack this guy? Please?
  49. Hindu woman dies after being denied an abortion because "this is a Catholic country"
  50. regligious exemptions against contraception coverage denied(and false)
  51. Street Preachers at Tour of Lights
  52. The allowing of ceremonial knives on school grounds
  53. Yoga in schools?
  54. Official State Religion in North Carolina?
  55. Putin Signs Two New Laws
  56. Good on ya New York!
  57. Tennessee legislators seek to make the Bible the official state book
  58. 1 Timothy 2:12 is why I can't get behind the whole anti-LGBT thing
  59. Rowan Clerk refuses Same Sex Marriage License
  60. Walling Off Canada
  61. Kim Davis a political prisoner?
  62. KY Bible literacy bill moves forward
  63. Secularism, Fundamentalism, and Democracies
  64. Russia: Arrested for playing Pokemon Go in Church.
  65. Churches open, Movie Theaters closed