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  1. How this place works
  2. The language question
  3. European sports in America..
  4. Potential for american civil war?
  5. Official Languages for the US
  6. you can't speak english-but want to start a company?
  7. Intolerant people who are themselves minorities
  8. racism in reverse
  9. Super Bowl commercials
  10. A Question Of Morality
  11. What Is Actually Impossible?
  12. Race Cars vs. Muscle Cars
  13. China's only child policy = spoiled adults
  14. A Boy Named Friday
  15. Omelas
  16. Country-bashing
  17. The Credit Card ID Debate
  18. "Speak English" sign in Philly restaurant
  19. suburbians vs. rancher
  20. A letter about China and Tibet
  21. People from Lesbos suing Lesbians
  22. WHAM Scholarship
  23. Women going topless
  24. The Duggars (and others like them)
  25. Sexism = Sexism
  26. A strange Question
  27. Perceptions of female beauty
  28. Open Source / Closed Source Usage and Acceptance
  29. When in Rome, ...
  30. Breastfeeding
  31. Game: "All Opposed!"
  32. Overseas phone support, what is the real problem?
  33. Game: Take offense to what the person above you says
  34. Age Of Consent
  35. Media fearmongering-the aftermath
  36. why I own and train monthly with a firearm
  37. Can People Be Forced To Do Something?
  38. An Eye For An Eye
  39. Strange foreign food.
  40. Jamie Foxx not in trouble for being an racist a-hole. Double standard?
  41. Philly, Sports, and TV
  42. Miss California?
  43. Revenge
  44. Hurray for gay marriage!
  45. What is an 'opinion'?
  46. Sending kids to bed without dinner
  47. Friend's Friend's 1 Year Old Nephew Given Tattoo
  48. What is so bad about the internet?
  49. Racist Customer
  50. Should pharmacists be allowed...
  51. some things shouldn't be touched
  52. Answered Questions Re: Miss California
  53. Caning
  54. French President railing against burkas
  55. walmart sighting
  56. India decriminalizes homosexuality
  57. Way of stating opinions?
  58. Reclaiming Offensive Words
  59. Ear piercing children/infants
  60. Community payback jackets
  61. Syndicated, topical cartoon strips
  62. 8 Year Old Rape Victim Abandoned by her Family
  63. General Animal Issues
  64. Most spoilt child in Britain?
  65. Veil (and Burqua) not welcome in France
  66. france also cracking down on forced marriages
  67. Chivalry
  68. What's More Important: Art or Science?
  69. Deaf Culture
  70. Been under that rock for about fifty years, eh?
  71. Just STFU already! Rant!
  72. Cute pink unicorn or nefarious animal abuse?
  73. Marriage?
  74. rant/advice saught, re:bf's family
  75. Pro-life inconsistencies
  76. There is only one path for success
  77. Here's A Good One...
  78. What makes a human deserving of respect/value
  79. Define "Me"
  80. (long) Horrible dilemma (or, why I drink, reason 343453.)
  81. Future Law
  82. I am a loner.
  83. Piracy
  84. Drop my friends?
  85. What is your responsibility?
  86. How Have Your Views Changed?
  87. When is a war crime not a war crime?
  88. You don't have a degree so your not educated
  89. WOW I don't play a lot!
  90. Barbie in a burka
  91. When does a joke go too far?
  92. Grownups acting like children
  93. Giving and Receiving Gifts
  94. Terrorism? Or fighting for survival
  95. Do you see what I see?
  96. Where did they go?
  97. Baffling Differences
  98. Does it really count as selfish?
  99. Is it an age thing?
  100. Logical fallacies
  101. Is Canada a different country?
  102. Staycations
  103. Not on facebook? You don't exist.
  104. Beard or Goatee?
  105. Breast not best?
  106. "You're All Sexist." (bit long)
  107. TV and Movie violence is good
  108. Simple lives = better lives
  109. Mocking a whiny child
  110. 800 #s a thing of the past?
  111. seperating the art from the person
  112. don't fire the pot-smoking manager!
  113. i was sent a check by mistake
  114. Was this tacky?
  115. Bisexuals: Real Sexuality or Just for Attention?
  116. American Kennel Club sale - register 10 get the 11th for $1!
  117. Should a mother breastfeed a child of six?
  118. PFB vs M3C
  119. What do you think we do?!
  120. Messing with Married Women
  121. Swearing when hurt
  122. Living with mom
  123. Best (Wo)Man?
  124. Am I just being a kid again?
  125. Was it fair?
  126. This thread does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the forum
  127. Simple Life VS Simple Life
  128. Student protest turns into riots.
  129. Medical MJ in a smoking hotel room
  130. Classic Car VS New Car
  131. The Best way to spend your 30th Birthday
  132. science finds a way!
  133. Friends With Benefits
  134. Is living a quiet life hiding?
  135. gun control laws that make sense? wow!
  136. Here's a strange subject
  137. Inviting people to eat at your place..
  138. Uniforms
  139. No right to childfree spaces?!
  140. Pre-Adolescent Utilization of Colorful Metaphor
  141. Is this right?
  142. too draconian? toy guns must be registered, locked up
  143. Sexual Preference & Promiscuitity
  144. Foreskin-Man! comic
  145. "I'm not a racist, I'm a 'culturist'!"
  146. Lies Our Culture Tells Us: The Lives Of Primitive People's were Nasty Brutish Short
  147. Misconceptions About LOAC
  148. "You're morbid!"
  149. euthanasia -- yay or nay
  150. why do we need rememberance/veterans day?
  151. yellow cards
  152. couple aborts IVF concieved twins due to "they wanted a girl"
  153. Cyclists
  154. Insults that never made an impact this side of the pond
  155. China Bans Time Travel Fiction
  156. Deaf vs deaf
  157. Confederate Flag Outside Courthouse Proof of Racist Rulings?
  158. Counterfeiting Moves to the Next Stage
  159. Touched by his noodley appendage
  160. Six-year-old sex offender...
  161. Confederate flag on 4th of July.
  162. Marketing information
  163. Oh my god she is wearing a tin foil hat!!
  164. Culture Shock....oh wow!
  165. Blaming the man for misguided sex...
  166. Isn't this what the census form was for???
  167. Social healthcare?
  168. Online Petitions asking for the Kardashians to go away
  169. You are such a (insert insult here)
  170. Creepy like beauty in the eye of the beholder?
  171. Salvation Army Anti Gay = Common Knowledge?
  172. It's too late, sorry
  173. Does offline trump online?
  174. apparently to some people being raped is a sin
  175. Jocks vs Neeeeeeerds
  176. Your a goth I'm a uhm well I dunno
  177. So I have this friend
  178. Is doing the right thing worth your job?
  179. Hey, White Boy!
  180. "Uncivilized" black people
  181. But you don't look....
  182. Hunger Games Approved for viewing in China
  183. School forfeits championship ball game
  184. Woman could become the first
  185. Baby Showers
  186. RMT and other gaming conflicts
  187. Assholes will be Assholes
  188. What to do in these modern times????
  189. Guns
  190. "Porn culture"
  191. Shell Game
  192. This is about sex. You have been warned.
  193. But for How Long
  194. For all the Americans and Canadians out there
  195. Argument with a Friend
  196. because I made "x decision" everyone else is wrong
  197. History from other perspectives
  198. I feel spoiled with my use of soap and deodorant.
  199. The dangers of homosexual men (old clip)
  200. the racism of feminism
  201. MAn deported from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome
  202. unintended consequences? firearm edition
  203. Amusing outside stereotypes
  204. Article: "Why It's OK to Tell Rape Jokes"
  205. Pork covered bullets
  206. CS Asian Stereotypes Fratching Edition
  207. Russia not Suspending "Anti-Gay Propaganda" Law for 2014 Olympics
  208. Are there any foreign animal delicacies you would not eat?
  209. Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Religion
  210. White supremacist finds out he's part black
  211. My Thanksgiving
  212. What if guns and ammo were free?
  213. Nice Try, Nigeria
  214. Damn, my cover's blown ...
  215. Old Koreans vs. NYC McDonald's
  216. Requiring Premarital Classes
  217. "I can't stand white belly dancers"
  218. Men + Women + Gaming
  219. Your own Utopia
  220. Your country
  221. "You're too young to be so old"
  222. Shirtgate
  223. Victim blaming vs advice
  224. So I was re-watching MASH.... holy sh**
  225. TV Reporter Shuts Down Sexist Sheik
  226. Woman denied abortion pill for miscarriage
  227. What's a good way to explain this......
  228. The Covered Girl Challange
  229. Host vs Guest
  230. Imagine a world where "gay" is the norm and "straight" the deviation from the norm...
  231. want to protest something legal? commit a crime!
  232. MRA and feminist issues.
  233. Your Privilege is Showing
  234. Why stay Arranged?
  235. "Safe Space" vs. "Free Speech"
  236. Foreign Exchange Family From Hell
  237. I replied to one of those posts on Facebook.
  238. Advice
  239. #Howtoconfuseamillenial
  240. When Anonymity is Bad
  241. No lunch for you
  242. "News" As fact checkers
  243. Uhm What Just Happened?
  244. There is a difference between culturally offensive and personally offensive
  245. Gasp MY EYES
  246. Abject poverty is sexy
  247. Work/Life Balance
  248. Is Nationalism Necessary?
  249. Why do you buy the Snake Oil?
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