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  1. How this forum works
  2. Child abuse?
  3. What would you do? (Warning - contains story of death)
  4. When do you give the talk
  5. Marijuana
  6. Selling organs
  7. Spanking children
  8. Children with disabilities
  9. Bride says no
  10. The sins of the fathers
  11. Telemarketers and salesmen: Right to invade your home???
  12. Sexual Harassment/Discrimination?
  13. Aspergers the cause of a school stabbing? I don't think so...
  14. People who abuse the social assistance programs
  15. flawed argument
  16. Boston vs. ATHF/Turner
  17. Officer fired for not wearing a seatbelt???
  18. Jobless must learn to speak English
  19. Deep poverty in an economic expansion?
  20. Sexism in gym class
  21. Hitting babies
  22. Sex offender license plates
  23. Buy American Cars!
  24. Death Penalty
  25. Nudity vs. Violence
  26. Woman breastfeeds children til they're 5 and 8 *NWS*
  27. Stuck in a 1950's bubble...
  28. Black people using the "N-word"
  29. Don Imus
  30. Zero tolerance gets (even more) rediculous
  31. Discrimination
  32. Helmet Laws
  33. young mums and bad parenting
  34. Ken Burns documentary
  35. "You're pregnant, not dying..."
  36. Cash rewards; do they help or hurt?
  37. Gossip now punishable by firing?
  38. Got his idea from a cartoon I saw today
  39. Kevorkian Released from Prison
  40. Race and work in general(long and boring)
  41. Is overfeeding abuse?
  42. CPS has too much power!
  43. Wanna work better not smoke at all
  44. ... I just don't understand.
  45. Give (Random thing) to people who deserve it
  46. And this is why children in America aren't adopted ....
  47. Gangs
  48. Wal-Mart on PFB
  49. Article on Craiglist I found
  50. Horse Racing
  51. Micheael Vick
  52. Get a Job! (RANT/VENT)
  53. ADD/ADHD and meds
  54. America bashers who are American
  55. McDonald's
  56. Rights of a Business
  57. Sex And Violence Double Standards
  58. Violence in Video Games
  59. Food Stamps.
  60. What is poverty?
  61. Sexual Attitudes in different countries
  62. Foul-Mouthed Kids in the 'Hood
  63. September 11th
  64. Can humanity improve itself
  65. Opinions on abortion
  66. OJ in jail
  67. Parable Humor
  68. Why have children if you don't want to interact?
  69. Crying wolf: claims of disadvantage
  70. Plastic surgery
  71. Che Guevara and Capitalism
  72. Violence in the workplace.
  73. Cats
  74. SUVs
  75. Those against pedophilia are being harassed by pedophiles
  76. Birth Control Offered in Maine Middle School
  77. That Lady with The Hammer
  78. The News Media
  79. Fashion and size
  80. Teachers & Children having sex
  81. Judge Flipping Coins to decide!?
  82. Languages
  83. 1 in 4 Homeless are Veterans
  84. Free birth control and all the sex you can handle...
  85. Boundaries, privacy and your home
  86. It's my body dammit!
  87. Mountain out of a Molehill?
  88. Animal Testing
  89. This story makes me sick.
  90. Rapists and Murderers living in your 'hood
  91. OMFG!!! This is BEYOND disgusting!
  92. Illegal Immigrant became police officer
  93. Massachusettes to try to ban spanking
  94. Military Hospitals/Doctors
  95. Anti-union people piss me off sometimes...
  96. 16-year-old Celebrity Pregnant!
  97. Doctors practicing while addicted?
  98. Conservapedia
  99. Men afraid of children, this makes me sad
  100. Sexism (of both types)
  101. Females/Minorities/Veterans Encouraged to Apply
  102. Should sperm donors have to pay child support?
  103. Teenage mothers see pregnancy as a 'career move'
  104. The US Economy
  105. Economies: global, non-US, and economics in general
  106. Meet the pre-teen beauty addicts
  107. Mormon Girl at school.
  108. Companies giving in to customers vs. the US economy
  109. Women pedophiles
  110. Illegal drugs, addictive drugs & drug issues
  111. Hysteria in the press
  112. I don't know why but I'm still peeved
  113. How can you 'go green'?
  114. medication that stack on the weight
  115. Mental Health Care Provision
  116. Hiring people with disabilities
  117. Child rape
  118. Unions!
  119. Causing death with a vehicle
  120. "Feminism" isn't a bad word, you know.
  121. Messing with science?
  122. People Who Make the Science Community Look Bad
  123. Peta
  124. Acceptable words
  125. New mom stuff
  126. A fireman who faints is suing to get his job back
  127. Mom power washes daughter
  128. Disabled services etiquette
  129. Child Endangerment?
  130. Rape is rape...isn't it?
  131. Pillow Angel Parents Defend Choices
  132. South Florida Schools Considering Energy Drink Ban
  133. Children services worker found to abuse power
  134. Medical Choices
  135. We are who we are
  136. So I'm fighting with a friend...
  137. Wal-Mart wins $$ from lawsuit against disabled ex-employee
  138. Lowering Standards
  139. Sgt Maupin's body found
  140. Girl's Dying Wish To See Incarcerated Dad
  141. War on Drugs
  142. 3rd Graders plotted to harm their teacher
  143. Don't let the door hitcha in the ass on the way out! (Death penalty)
  144. Entitlement..a rich problem or poor problem?
  145. Troop Worship
  146. The good of society
  147. Wah! They didn't pick me cause I'm ethnic!
  148. Innocent man in jail for 26 years
  149. lightbulbs
  150. Art? I call bull@$@#!
  151. The *official* FLDS thread.
  152. Anti-Smoking Laws
  153. Does You Child Suffer From AFFLUENZA?
  154. 13-year-old charged with felony
  155. You are in charge
  156. Modern kids coddled?
  157. Bailing Out Adult Kids and Parents: Good Idea Or Bad Idea
  158. Upcoming hassles with Real IDs
  159. Girl 20, stomped to death by teens
  160. The Great Porn Debate
  161. 2 Get The Deal Of A Lifetime In Drunk Drag Racing Death
  162. Rights, guilt and innocence
  163. Nightclub for toddlers?
  164. A sociologic sort of question...
  165. The Great Animal Welfare debate
  166. Hackers who attack epilepsy website for "kicks"?
  167. Minimum GPA to Play Sports
  168. Protest the pill?
  169. The "Green" movement
  170. The age debate/driving/retesting
  171. What is the single greatest problem we face?
  172. The End of The World
  173. You Need To Get A REAL Job!
  174. Punishment or Deterrent? or Rehabilitation...
  175. Paper Money = Discrimination to the Blind
  176. Fair Or Unfair: Pensions For Employees vs. Executives
  177. You know something is wrong with the US......
  178. But *I'm* Not a Criminal!
  179. sex ed
  180. The childrens' home forever linked to darkness
  181. Castle Doctrine
  182. Babies, toddlers and "etiquette" for dealing with each
  183. I'm A Law Abiding Citizen. Why Is My Life So Worthless?
  184. Art or Paedophilia?
  185. Racial insinuation?
  186. I just read this-what do you guys think?
  187. how's that raw milk DIEt working
  188. It's been 3 years-get off you lazy as already!!!!<ranty>
  189. Appearance-based Gender Discrimination in the Workplace
  190. This really pissed me off..
  191. Do we need to start having nutrition classes in schools?
  192. Speaking of Obesity...
  193. Disabled parking and parental parking
  194. Nudity/sex for a profession = asking for trouble?
  195. people who smoke while pregnant (kinda ranty)
  196. Max Hardcore
  197. Another suicide to bullying over internet/school
  198. Is this a joke?
  199. Poverty As A Disability
  200. Risk
  201. People crap on police memoral.
  202. Parents Fear School Trips After Verdict
  203. Life without Dad
  204. Court Reverses Father's Punishment
  205. 2012
  206. 12 year old sues over punishment and wins!
  207. Faith-Healing causes another death
  208. Another "heartwarming" child abuse story
  209. Man in the mirror.
  210. The Evil Known as Telemarketers.
  211. Glorifying Teen Pregnancy (rant!)
  212. Imus in trouble for racist remarks again
  213. and this is why people say the justice system does not work.
  214. precious snowflake syndrome
  215. Religious agendas posing as "academic freedom"
  216. Ape Rights?
  217. Trampoline Lawsuit.
  218. Biofuels and other alternative energy sources
  219. Companies love fed law they think helps them & leaves heirs penniless
  220. Holidays
  221. here you go-for the no BC for men
  222. The Pledge of Alliegence
  223. Genetic Sexual Attraction
  224. Booting out Illegal Aliens = many industries would fail?
  225. Necrophilia
  226. Banning abortion doesn't make sense to me
  227. Contraception now = Abortion?
  228. Women Raping Men
  229. Being A Moron/Ass = Being Cool
  230. A better way to wage war?
  231. What's the deal with sex?
  232. Photos From Social Networking Sites Come Back And Haunt Defendants
  233. Overused Words & Overused Expressions
  234. Fatties and their Haters
  235. Autistic children really brats
  236. the mutability of language
  237. Corporate and your body
  238. Suicidal taboo
  239. judge strikes back at stupid names for kids
  240. Your country has problems? Just blame America!
  241. Cops -- to serve and protect?
  242. Self harm
  243. Hair Length
  244. L. A. Bans Fast Food in poorer areas to get those there to lose weight
  245. Pre-Employment Credit Checks (Long!!!)
  246. I'm Too Fat To Be Executed!!!
  247. Many nations condemn our death penalty
  248. Greyhound scraps "Bus Rage" PSA's
  249. Possibly ANOTHER War?
  250. Whatever happened to baby Maddie?