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  1. How to work in this forum
  2. Man rapes child, becomes congressman.
  3. The Bushes
  4. Education and politics
  5. Saddam Hussein has been hung
  6. Laws that you don't follow
  7. Hillary v. Obama: Who Will Win in 2008?
  8. Another Dollar Coin
  9. STILL not enough gun control?
  10. "Texas conservatism" out of hand???
  11. Patriotism and symbols
  12. GASP! Chief Justice of the supreme court claims they don't make enough money!!
  13. Gun control
  14. Wherever Jerry Falwell is right now...
  15. Sir Salman?
  16. Climate change naysayers
  17. 4th amendment rights
  18. Illegal immigration...
  19. Who are these people?
  20. Karl Rove has Resigned!
  21. Draft
  22. What is a Right?
  23. Right? to Privacy.
  24. Corporations having rights as people
  25. Fred Thompson to run for President!
  26. Illegal Immigration (non-USA)
  27. Nebraska Senator sues GOD!!!!
  28. Bill Cosby tells it like it is.
  29. First Amendment, what does it mean?
  30. Washington D.C. to Ban Handguns?
  31. Extremely scary bill to criminalize thought/speech
  32. I miss...
  33. No Internet for Sex Offenders
  34. Illinois elections, Dominionism, and scary-type religions
  35. Vermont town votes to indict King George as War Criminal
  36. Mississippi bill to outlaw serving the obese
  37. Mexico protests border patrol firing tear gas across border
  38. Super (stupid?) Tuesday aftermath
  39. Communism and Why It's Bad
  40. How to Cut Government Spending
  41. Any interest in formal debate?
  42. Some risky legislation
  43. Pictures of Eliot Spitzers Favorite Hooker
  44. Christian perspective on the election, please
  45. Minnesota Can't Bar Kids From Violent Video Games
  46. CNN Breaking News
  47. New Arizona anti-games bill
  48. The Political Spectrum
  49. Obama: hating on small-town America?
  50. Patronizing businesses based on corporate beliefs
  51. Age requirement for Office
  52. US fingerprinting foreigners
  53. Voting for Bush = stupid
  54. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!!!
  55. The atom bombing of Japan.
  56. Cluster bombs vs SMArt bombs
  57. Questions about Barack Obama as the Democratic President Nominee
  58. "it's not a slippery slope" my left foot
  59. I'm really glad I live in.....
  60. How old is too old?
  61. What rights should a 'criminal' be entitled to?
  62. Canadian Politics - Bill C-484
  63. "Universal Health Care'
  64. Why Pedersen shouldn't own his own battleship
  65. Ingratitude? (Kentucky politics)
  66. Taxes
  67. Child rapists no longer fear death.
  68. US Supreme Court strikes down gun ban
  69. Thanks Raps
  70. This is why I dislike the NRA.....
  71. Tokyo Fire Bombings.
  72. Laws Based on Religion
  73. Economic Stimulus Part 2??
  74. Unions good idea or got to go?
  75. McCain Ad Against Obama
  76. Apologizing
  77. Hunh?
  78. Why Sarah Palin is BAD news
  79. A question about english voting strategy.
  80. I need some help defining American politics
  81. Regardless of how you feel about Sarah Palin, are the following things correct to do?
  82. Penn Jillette's commentary on a smarter President
  83. Bristol Palin
  84. I'm blaqueKatt and I approve this post
  85. "Victory?"
  86. 2008 US Presidential Election
  87. media lying about Sarah Palin to discredit her
  88. 2008 Canadian Federal Election
  89. Political Grab Bag
  90. Getting all the facts
  91. Military drafts - male and female
  92. Sarah Palin is NOT the presidential candidate!
  93. The US needs war & conflict to keep it's economy going
  94. I think this is somewhat appropriate
  95. Did Obama pick the correct Vice President candidate?
  96. Will this hurt or help either candidate?
  97. The Bailout Bill
  98. Bush Kept Us Safe! McCain Will Keep Us Safe!
  99. Gun control in UK - A Total Failure
  100. I find this scary
  101. Paris for President
  102. and another assassination plot for Obama
  103. Saydrah seen an Obama!
  104. Mr. Murtha is just telling it like it is!
  105. The media should fear this, but they don't, they let it happen with a word
  106. Election Day!
  107. CNN Projection
  108. It's about time!
  109. my despair over prop 2, 120, and potentially prop 8
  110. Yes We Did-- and why.
  111. Is this why people voted for Obama?
  112. Conservative Talk Radio = Porn?
  113. Taxation...
  114. Nebraska, Doing It Right....
  115. african americans and prop 8
  116. Obama and Forced Community Service
  117. pro prop 8 hypocrisy
  118. Why I'm having a $5 footlong for lunch and you should too.
  119. Coalition Government :) :O
  120. Canada's Next Great Prime Minister
  121. Governments 'interfering' in other nations laws
  122. Thank you, Mr. Rod Blagojevich.
  123. Bush gets shoe thrown at him in Iraq
  124. Cutting Medicaid (US issue)
  125. Israel Bombing the Crap Out of Gaza
  126. Roland Burris not legitimate enough for Senate?
  127. The ends justify the means
  128. Another side of the food stamp debate?
  129. Active Politicians Campaigning for President
  130. Was President Obama's Inauguration Speech ...
  131. The Presidential Oath - messed up? Is President Obama the President or not?
  132. Congressional Budget Health Options
  133. Dirty money helped Obama's Inauguration?
  134. Journalist comments on the Obama inauguration
  135. Canada - Budget 2009
  136. Camera Phone Law
  137. Bye Bye Blago!
  138. Criminalizing Things for Pregnant Women
  139. Digital Transition
  140. Obama Allowing Refugees Stay In America
  141. These myspace pics got this guy arrested!
  142. Columnist Roland Martin calls cartoon racist
  143. U. S. Attorney General on Race and was this country really founded by slave owners?
  144. Another idea of politics and race
  145. Naming Stuff After Obama
  146. Another attempt at controlling the internet
  147. Lowering the Drinking Age
  148. Thought of the Day - Please discuss
  149. Dad Fighting to Get Son back from Brazil
  150. Church shooting in "gun-free" Illinois
  151. Interesting Wiki...
  152. Australian Government has a blacklist of websites?
  153. Who Capped JFK?
  154. NY Governor = LET'S MAKE UP A NEW TAX!
  155. You WILL show respect!
  156. Jon Huntsman for President in 2012
  157. Another nail in the GOP coffin
  158. Thank you Rep. Virginia Foxx
  159. Gov. Quinn Wants to Move Primaries
  160. Looking up Credit Info
  161. Chicago Lawmakers Want Even More...
  162. Obama's Pick For Supreme Court
  163. Is Obama's take over of Chrysler purely for political reasons?
  164. The United Nations...How Worthless Is It?
  165. oh my God... did I just gain some respect for Dick Cheney
  166. A Positive Article...
  167. Permit Fees
  168. President Obama a failure already?
  169. NY Senate Turmoil
  170. The Jews are keeping President Obama away from his former Reverand?
  171. How did Bush ruin the economy?
  172. Holocaust?? What holocaust???
  173. States' Rights vs. Federal Law
  174. The Iranian Elections
  175. The Professor's Trick Question . . . Can You Figure It Out?
  176. What if they held an election & nobody voted?
  177. Did George Bush do the right thing...
  178. Governemental assistance for me or anyone else.
  179. Sarah Palin Stepping Down
  180. Mayor Bloomberg & New York bussing homeless families out of town
  181. President Obama as the Joker
  182. Flying the American flag upside down?
  183. nice abuse of power by the first lady
  184. Obama's health plans
  185. Barney Frank pwned a person asking a question.
  186. The Use of Tax Money
  187. Convicted criminals and 'compassion'
  188. Sin Taxes
  189. Lets screw the teachers shall we?
  190. Caught in a lie!
  191. Campaign Reform
  192. a good reason to have a young president
  193. Mother Loses Child over Language Barrier
  194. Megrahi - how do people feel about the release?
  195. Obama did what? Well BUSH BLARG BLARG
  196. NJ, most corrupt state?
  197. Pro-Choice Christians
  198. why is contraception(for women) so damn expensive
  199. Trickle Down Economics
  200. Not Liking Obama = Racist?
  201. Speed Limits
  202. Teabaggers
  203. Single Payer = Socialism
  204. Did George W. Bush Care About the Poor and Middle Class?
  205. Insurance plans excluding pregnancies
  206. Rioting/Protests in Pittsburgh at G20
  207. Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize...
  208. What is Meant by Small Government and Big Government
  209. Should President Bush Have Been Impeached?
  210. Have Americans finally woken up and smelled the coffee?
  211. Is boycotting really a good way to get people on your side?
  212. How Obama's Public Option is going to screw the young people of America
  213. The Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Treaty.
  214. Eco-terrorism
  215. Ah did not have seckshul relations with that woman
  216. Nobel Peace Prize - what's it worth?
  217. Pledge of allegiance
  218. Veterans' get out of jail free card
  219. Should the level of social moral outrage dictate laws?
  220. In two minds about this one
  221. Conservatism in America - minority or not?
  222. News
  223. Bush "inherited" 9/11?!
  224. American Independence
  225. Does anyone else find this hypocritical?
  226. Thanks, Massachusetts!
  227. Do politicians care about Gay rights?
  228. Birther Nutjob ati it again
  229. Glen Beck-Reconstructing History
  230. Australia Bans Small Boobs in Ads
  231. Gun control question....
  232. In other news
  233. Pro-life Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad
  234. George Bush on a billboard
  235. Politicians vs. Pundits
  236. US Involvement in World War II
  237. way to go Minn.
  238. Stem Cell Research
  239. Abortion and politics (WARNING-may be offensive, gross, NSFW)
  240. Electing Judges vs Appointing Them
  241. Breed specific legislation
  242. Wide scale civil unrest coming to America before long?
  243. Queer the Census
  244. Texas Right wing conversative approve text books
  245. Eco-Terrorism/Eco-Activists
  246. Health Care reform bill reactions
  247. Concealed Carry on Campus
  248. Wow! Legislation that makes sense!!
  249. Boy, I hope there are a lot of life Jakets in Guam....
  250. Piss off.