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  1. How this forum works
  2. Give christmas back!
  3. Using "X" to represent "Christ"
  4. Our own taliban
  5. Jesus Saves:
  6. Would you pledge your virginity to your father?
  7. religion should not be used in war
  8. Imam Abdul Alim Musa
  9. The Quiverfull Movement
  10. Tom Cruise's religion
  11. Religion and hate
  12. I'll pray for you
  13. Jesus is white?
  14. Westboro Church Group.
  15. Creation Museum
  16. Dogma and such films
  17. One "true" church?
  18. Hell Not Allowed in Catholic School
  19. Female ministers/pastors
  20. Religious extremists attacking a PP in my state
  21. Selective thanks
  22. Fundies Say the Darndest Things
  23. How to Get Into Heaven
  24. Anybody else deal with this issue?
  25. Unaccepting family?
  26. Well its begun
  27. Turkish lawyer to sue over a cross on a jersey
  28. How is it possible?
  29. Has heaven been overplayed?
  30. I Guess I Shouldn't be Surprised...
  31. Religion Comes Knocking
  32. How do you become a member of a religion?
  33. UV Stout 1, WBC 0
  34. What the Bleep/ The Secret
  35. Don't Blaspheme!!!
  36. Religious Persecution
  37. "True" Christianity
  38. God Makes you stupid
  39. morality test
  40. Scientology
  41. 'Cult' Starved Toddler Who Wouldn't Say 'Amen'
  42. Critical Logic Failure
  43. Admiration
  44. Consequences Of Lack Of Free Will
  45. Does Free Will Exist?
  46. Lds wtf
  47. yet one more reason I'm falling further from the LDS church
  48. Take your apocalypse and...
  49. God doesn't have a proper address so you can't sue him
  50. I believe in Atheism...
  51. Hollywood not in touch with morals, religion
  52. Reincarnation?
  53. What is a religion?
  54. Interesting quote
  55. Self-immolation (CONTENT WARNING!!!!!)
  56. Happy Darwin Day
  57. One of many reasons...
  58. churches making it hard for members to leave
  59. "religious"
  60. Fundamentalism/Literalism, why I think it's wrong
  61. does it never end
  62. All Religions Are Right?
  63. Miracle or coincidence?
  64. Gay Exorcism?
  65. True believers, pick'n'mix believers, and trying to work out where I stand
  66. Any other born atheists out there?
  67. Weird jump, but is masturbation sinful?
  68. 2012
  69. Ireland, oh Ireland
  70. Supernatural experiences?
  71. God Vs Satan which one is really good.
  72. has religion become about hate?
  73. Mythical creatures entirely myth, or do you think some may have been based in reality
  74. Ghosts and Angels
  75. question re: discussing religion
  76. Religions who condem unborn children to Hell
  77. Problems with Newapagiccans from a heathen.
  78. Is spanking supported by the Bible?
  79. Hell Houses
  80. Kirk Cameron and the Origin of the Species
  81. The "flood"
  82. The Bible is too liberal
  83. Discovering/Understanding Ardi
  84. Trick or treaters side with the devil, according to church group
  85. Halloween Book Burning in North Carolina!
  86. Joel Osteen - Good Christian example or overhyped salesman?
  87. Larry David pees on Jesus
  88. Home Depot employee fired for wearing "nation under God" pin
  89. Should kids be able to "choose" to be baptized?
  90. I love my hometown, but sometimes I'm embarassed to be from here :(
  91. This is why people hate Christianity and Christians...
  92. A little bit blown away by this...
  93. If homosexuality is not a choice...
  94. Fired for being Wiccan
  95. Bishop rubbishes Christmas carols as embarrassing
  96. An Otherkin Dilemma
  97. (Some) Christians getting up-tight this time of year
  98. Not giving communion to people with Alzheimer's disease
  99. Santa Claus = God??
  100. Fred Phelps is being.... Fred Phelps
  101. A question for christians accepting of homosexuality
  102. To former Christians: Why do you no longer believe?
  103. Can you be....?
  104. What is Right and Wrong?
  105. Pope slams gay marriage
  106. Problem of Evil
  107. The truth about religion
  108. Religion bashing
  109. After 10 years of bein absent ...
  110. Deconstructing god, and why I don't believe
  111. Question for anyone useing Leviticus to oppose gay marriage, etc
  112. Ouija Boards
  113. Uganda Kill the Gays bill
  114. They hate my religion. I just loled at them.
  115. Christian friend
  116. Something out of interest...
  117. Here we go....
  118. joy, another "christian" hate group
  119. Some thoughts on Easter Sunday
  120. Pope billboards defaced
  121. Pet Heaven
  122. Question for Muslims
  123. Westboro hits close to home
  124. Not Christian
  125. Karma?
  126. Gay Exorcisms
  127. Another teacher fired from a religious school
  128. Diamond Soul
  129. Christians showing love at Gay Pride
  130. Women as bad as pedophiles?
  131. why stay in a church if you don't follow the beliefs
  132. apparently Ree and Hobbs (and others) have committed a mortal sin
  133. Mosque near Ground Zero
  134. Another Brick in the wall
  135. Thank you for trashing my site asshole.
  136. It's called Ramadan you idiots!
  137. Spiritual Belief Quiz
  138. What is a miracle?
  139. If you want to die sooner, get an atheist or agnostic doctor?
  140. Play now, my savior!
  141. The Burning Holy Books Saga
  142. A Holy Book burning that did get people in trouble
  143. Divine inspiration?
  144. "coming out" as atheist
  145. Humans aren't animals.
  146. Atheist advertising
  147. Father Loses Custody of His Children for Being Agnostic
  148. An upturn in demonic posession
  149. Something I think bares reading.
  150. May 21, 2011 is ...
  151. Why should man have spread the word of god to the rest of the world?
  152. Why do good things happen? (long)
  153. Revolution Church
  154. Rob Knop on Gnu Athiests
  155. Forgiveness and Christianity
  156. a strange, superstitious belief?
  157. Why The Ruling In Favor Of Westboro Church Is A Victory for Gay Rights
  158. Christianity is Catholic
  159. Once again the Catholic church...
  160. My Problem With Biblical Literalism
  161. Evangelism: Well Intentioned Bullying
  162. Another Version of Biblical Literalism
  163. Not Everyone Was Christian
  164. this four year old essay/article is eeriely prophetic
  165. Forced to Listen at Gunpoint?
  166. Terry Jones is at it again
  167. "Because God asks too much."
  168. Terry Jones One more time
  169. The 1960s and 1970s are to blame....
  170. My answer to the guy who called me a "cheap Jew".
  171. Lisa Lampanelli takes on the Westboro Baptist Church
  172. that's some fine [police] work there Lou
  173. High School Student Receives Death Threats for Opposing School Prayer
  174. AA=Anti-atheists
  175. College Bans National Anthem...
  176. Atheists Are Not Ignorant
  177. The old evolution debate
  178. Christians In The Hand Of An Angry God, Part 01
  179. not sure how to word this.....
  180. ok now-are we blind to irony, better remove that beam
  181. Disagreeing with the church = losing your priesthood
  182. Hypocrisy and contradiction
  183. Oh dear lord, Westboro have spawned in Adelaide...
  184. People saying "God Bless"
  185. End of the World death wish?
  186. One thing I never understood....
  187. Book about corporal punsihement has caused death of 3 children
  188. need bible quotes
  189. but the child sex scandal is in the past...
  190. Waiter angered by religious tract disguised as $10 tip
  191. The Threat of Hell
  192. Sexual Sins are Bull
  193. I'm Christian, unless you're gay. (Linked article)
  194. Kentucky church bans interracial marriage
  195. My problem with Evangelical Atheism
  196. Christian group ends support for breast cancer screenings due to Planned Parenthood
  197. Bibles in schools
  198. Mum loses right to have daughter baptised
  199. I'll Just Leave This Here
  200. This shows some of the darker side....
  201. rabbi tells parents-incest rape is ok
  202. Afterlife: Why only two options?
  203. My Problem With Christianity
  204. Christianity and Greek Mythology Question
  205. Wearing Crosses at Work Banned
  206. How Dare You Teach About Other Religions/Cultures!
  207. Adam, Eve and the Apple.
  208. How Much More Can Florida Fail?
  209. Catholic Church To Reform "Radical Feminist" Nuns
  210. Is atheism geared more toward christianity?
  211. your rapist is forgiven, your mother goes to hell!
  212. 4 year old sings "No homos gonna make it to Heaven", Church goes wild
  213. Snake Handler Dies; World Unsurprised
  214. How dare you say something to support my faith...
  215. Original Sin Can Go To Hell
  216. Non-hate group plans whites only event featuring "Sacred Christian Cross burning
  217. Cheapness in the name of religion
  218. Willow Bend Chick-Fil-A vs The Muppets
  219. Tolerance
  220. Black Hebrew Israelites
  221. 7 Things Christians Need to Remember about Politics
  222. is your religious liberty threatened? a simple quiz
  223. The Onion rocks
  224. Well this is a new one
  225. A year of Biblical Womanhood
  226. Doc says no Copper-T Because of Religion
  227. "So Help Me God"
  228. Religious Literature...
  229. My spirit is troubled..
  230. Misconceptions about Ex Christians.
  231. Proselytizers and the assumptions that they make.
  232. WBC Goes to the Great White Way
  233. Judgmental judgers judging judmental judgers, and terrible people.
  234. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Conselor...
  235. When religious beliefs run up against money...
  236. apparently ignorance is an excuse for breaking the law
  237. LA Archdiocses ......
  238. Pope Benedict to resign
  239. Accepted but not tolerated, WTF?
  240. Comparing Religion to Bad Diets
  241. Sin to be shy?
  242. christianmingle.com
  243. Easter Card from Customer
  244. Student suspended for not blaspheming...
  245. apparently ignorance is an excuse for breaking the law part 2
  246. R.I.P. Fr. Brennan Manning
  247. Atheists don't grieve or morn apparently
  248. Atheist groups calls for fair debate=shoving it down your throat
  249. Faith healing couple loose second child
  250. "You deserve rape" sermon on university campus