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  1. How this section works
  2. Rap
  3. Top 40 music
  4. Genres
  5. PS3 versus PS2
  6. Getting sued for downloading songs and movies
  7. Oh PUH-LEEZE, Carol...give it a rest!!!
  8. Paris Hilton released
  9. Who would win in a fight...?
  10. My HP7 predictions.
  11. Tired of this "elitist" BS
  12. Another one bites the dust!
  13. Paparazzi
  14. Real Money Trading in MMOs (long)
  15. Britney Spears loses custody
  16. Do you find yourself watching less television?
  17. Bohemian Rhapsody
  18. Hate Nintendo because of the Wii? Too bad...
  19. Who shalle celebrate with me....
  20. Who wants an argument...?
  21. The Console Wars: Might they last 100 years?
  22. MMO Gold-Sellers - Not the rant you're expecting!
  23. I Know My Kid's A Star
  24. On fanfiction trends
  25. Wherein I dare to be unpopular!
  26. Flat-earthers? Do they know what they're talking about?
  27. Red Bull gives you wiiings... and heart attacks O.o
  28. 5 things web designers should be shot for.
  29. Internet Memes - Opinions
  30. Dog fashion; what's the point?
  31. Anime invaders
  32. MySpace vs. Facebook
  33. Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  34. Dogs vs. cats
  35. Abraham-Hicks
  36. TV going too far for "entertainment"?
  37. Gunny vids on firearms! :)
  38. Sean Penn's Oscar Speech
  39. Anime snobs
  40. Porn! (Possibly NSFW, TMI)
  41. Yoga vs. Pilates
  42. Coke vs. Pepsi
  43. DVD vs. the cineplex
  44. Future of Newspapers
  45. Susan Boyle didn't win 1st place
  46. Chastity Bono's Coming Out again . .
  47. Why do most message boards have something against Second Life?
  48. Steven Crowder
  49. Michael Jackson
  50. What I Did Today
  51. Good vs Evil in games (spoilers)
  52. Grand Theft Auto
  53. Gay characters in video games?
  54. Amazon deletes legally purchased Kindle books
  55. Chris Brown Apologises
  56. no stories of modern heroism?
  57. Is there really a "best" in music nowadays?
  58. Taylor Swift and Kanye West....
  59. Most Evil Video Game Character
  60. Jedi church founder sues supermarket
  61. Internet Gender Issues
  62. Can someone explain this to me?
  63. Was the act racist?
  64. Smug vegetarian on "Come Dine With Me"
  65. Sexy
  66. Hollywood's opinion of good acting
  67. Do you believe in Super Hackers?
  68. Tom and Katie criticized again
  69. The Bandwagon
  70. Persona 3 Portable
  71. Uhm your how old again?
  72. Boycotting Celebrity Endorsements
  73. TV Double Standards
  74. Why is there some hate for furries?
  75. Internet Argument Techniques
  76. Sports fan=good, Sci-fi fan=bad?
  77. Gay characters?
  78. CoCo and the Chin
  79. I love my mom sometimes *Possible Avatar spoilers*
  80. DARPA funding to Eureka
  81. Do critics run the networks?
  82. Maternity Leave for Actors
  83. Avatar depression
  84. Apparently, I as a straight male, cannot listen to Lady GaGa
  85. Shocked!! Shocked, I tell you!!!
  86. Avatar and why I like it!
  87. "Soda"vs."Pop"vs....?
  88. Music and cars - I love the classics. I guess that makes me "out of touch."
  89. Bruce Almighty the Destructor?
  90. Credit/ check card legalese
  91. Avatar Association
  92. craigslist steals sleep
  93. Commercials that judge you
  94. All in one One for all or Each device for itself?
  95. The Karate...I mean, Kung-fu Kid
  96. Is Facebook dangerous?
  97. Enough Already!
  98. Is it really original if....?
  99. How long after?
  100. Mpaa
  101. The Terminator Model
  102. Richie - There can be only one!
  103. Dear M. Night...
  104. Activision Blizzard is starting to force their RealID onto players.
  105. More trouble for Mel Gibson
  106. Could someone help me make a survey?
  107. New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey
  108. Rape in comic books.
  109. Joan Rivers
  110. Pet Peeve: Confederate Flag
  111. Cryptids
  112. Covers of songs that better the original
  113. Keeping wild animals as pets.
  114. Wolverine's claws
  115. X-men/Spiderman The Animated Series
  116. Snobbery towards anime fans
  117. The Bizarre Case of Randy Quaid
  118. "mindless entertainment" vs "true art"
  119. Bridalplasty
  120. MAD Magazine's 20 dumbest people, events and things of 2010
  121. 2010 - first or last?
  122. OMG! Offensive!!! Wahhhh!
  123. Don't fear the reaper ripoff
  124. The Fashion Police
  125. Player criticized for being injured
  126. The Charlie Sheen Crazy Train
  127. All Good Things....
  128. Worst Movies Ever
  129. Movies that are good but you can't watch again
  130. Movies that are so bad, they're funny
  131. Cgi
  132. Worst Songs Ever
  133. Guilty Pleasure in song
  134. Worst song covers
  135. The Voice is an Instrument
  136. Useless Movie Trailers
  137. Well Done cover/tribute songs rare?
  138. It's not Glee!!!one!!!
  139. DVR = Amazing, time saver or waster?
  140. Best TV Series
  141. Nicholas Cage...is behind bars.
  142. Low Budget Movies
  143. Steven Segal
  144. Hip Hop, Rap and RnB "duet's"
  145. Udating/re-mixing songs
  146. Ever feel bad for liking a popular book/movie?
  147. Movies you think are overrated.
  148. Guilty pleasure tv shows
  149. Positive Songs
  150. Actors You Think Are Overrated
  151. Real People Don't Look Like That
  152. Favorite classic actors
  153. Actors vs singers
  154. Ok...so what makes Gaga so great?
  155. Should we hold some game series to a higher standard?
  156. Songs that are so bad they're good.
  157. The Tony Awards
  158. "You watch that?! It's a kiddy cartoon!"
  159. Hacking scandal that killed a newspaper
  160. Drug topics? Question for mods.
  161. Amy Winehouse gone
  162. "I hate it, therefore....
  163. Effin' crime dramas!
  164. Why Edward?
  165. No not a Remake!!! or is it the second Remake?
  166. Will ps3/xbox360 be vintage?
  167. Modern gaming classics.
  168. Shocking twists or he was an idiot
  169. It shouldn't have ended that way!
  170. Don't run faster than the other boys
  171. I hate guns well unless it helps the plot.
  172. Wil Wheaton?
  173. Reality doesn't make sense
  174. What's your favourite "old skool" game?
  175. Breaking the Fourth Wall
  176. Hey Fellow Doctor Who fans *SPOILERS*
  177. What's it like watching Dr. Who?
  178. Dancing with the Stars
  179. Footloose?
  180. TV shows you can't stand.
  181. Justin Bieber Baby Drama
  182. Wizards gives lifetime Ban for Rape Threat.
  183. Stupid fans of popstar send death threats to his girlf
  184. Natalie Wood's Death Reopened
  185. this could've been prevented
  186. Reviewers that don't pay attention
  187. Courtney Love owns Nirvana
  188. MAD Magazine's 20 dumbest people, events and things of 2011
  189. Kobe and Vanessa Sittin' In A Tree.....D-I-V-O-R-C-E!
  190. Bill Murray Allegedly Fired
  191. Not that I really care about Russell and Katy that much, but...
  192. 5 years it should be a law
  193. Pants to be darkened
  194. Hey come here often?
  195. "His midichlorians were off the scale"
  196. Lucas-bashing
  197. Dear every animator ever...
  198. Cynthia Nixon=Gay is a choice
  199. Re Deluded Doctor Who Fanboy thread on CS
  200. Sexist Soda Ad
  201. Why the spongebob hate?
  202. Black March
  203. if there was any doubt to the fashion industry conspiracy...
  204. It's ironic
  205. Obsessed with movie trivia
  206. Cost of Gaming
  207. SOE takes the Massive out of MMO
  208. Sliding Timelines
  209. Why does race matter?
  210. Doctor Who handling homosexualilty
  211. Yes kids 80's movies really are what the decade was like
  212. Jon Hamm Disses Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian
  213. Courtney Love says Muppets "raped" memory of late Kurt with cover version
  214. I'm Not A "Real" Fan
  215. This just in Ubisoft grows a clue
  216. This show is fake/rigged/whatever...
  217. People who Cry Racist At the Screen
  218. Online anger erupts over "racelifting"
  219. Adult Swim
  220. Classy, Proactiv. Super classy.
  221. Whale Wars: Viking Shores
  222. Canon or Alternate Reality
  223. Dragon's Den Drinking Game
  224. Authors' Burn-out
  225. Fifty Shades/Magic Mike
  226. online fanfilm/ movie development.
  227. Humanizing drug culture?
  228. Music is "scientifically" proven to sound the same in recent years
  229. Here Comes Honey Honey Boo Boo
  230. Competitive TV Shows and Filler
  231. Reality-TV Sound off
  232. Improving the Olympics.
  233. Is it a bad message?
  234. Overplayed songs
  235. Unrealistic
  236. :)
  237. Crappy Fake Ghost Shows
  238. iOS 6 Maps: It Just (Doesn't) Work
  239. So the whole Korean Pop thing ...
  240. Grenade
  241. It's Always the Better Shows
  242. Am I the only one who actually watched Inception?
  243. Changing a Characters Sex for the Movie
  244. Phone Prank Causes a Nurse to Commit Suicide
  245. Female Covers Vs Male Originals
  246. Baxter Stockman
  247. name that show, misogyny edition
  248. Skyrim and Oblivion vs Fallout 3 and New Vegas
  249. Miracles (VERY NSFW)
  250. Spending 2000 on VHS cassettes has left me with a loft full of worthless boxes