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So I've just noticed that "fusion_x" and "Mobile" stylesheets had this for its "Mark Forums Read" URL, which doesn't work with Chrome 38.0.2125.104 m:

The "Default Style" and other stylesheets used a longer URL such as this, which worked fine with Chrome:

Perhaps the "markreadhash" is the required "token?" (I really need to brush up on my PHP, again.)

EDIT: I've also just attempted to use the "Mark Forums Read" option from the "Quick Links" using fusion_x, and still produces the shorter, unusable URL as above. Safe to assume it's something odd with the stylesheet?

EDIT II: Out of curiosity I tried this at CS; the default and "cobalt_x" styles had the "markreadhash" data in the URL, but the "Mobile" style did not, thus marking the forums read didn't work for it.

EDIT III: I just did a search on "markreadhash" and found this article over at the vBulletin site, albeit from four years ago:
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