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Doing Smart Things for Stupid Reasons?
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Default Doing Smart Things for Stupid Reasons?

If you can't get people to do the smart thing for smart reasons should you push stupid reasons to get them to comply?

We are supposed to be limiting the amount of people in our store at any given time to 250. Corporate is telling us not to. People have been told to Stay home. Our ads and their own stupidity tell them not to.

So every day our store is full of literally thousands of people shopping for things they don't need talking about "well yeah but I'm bored"

Today it rained. People who will risk the death of themselves and others to go outside sheltered from the rain. But then it didn't stop all of them. Then my god mercifully nationwide our card system crashed and finally, finally our store limited entry.

Both extremely stupid reasons to do the smart thing. So question do you think that's good?
Jack Faire
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