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Old 02-01-2019, 01:51 AM
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OK, the whole issue of whether prostitution should be legal or not aside, how the hell is this policy even legal? I'm pretty certain that discrimination based on gender has been illegal for several decades.

Not only that, simply assuming a woman is a hooker can land you in hot water. Some idiot who was working at a truck stop found out the hard way awhile back. I have a female friend who used to be a truck driver, and one day when she was driving, she stopped at a truck stop, as truckers often do.

As soon as she walked in, the guy working there told her that he didn't want "her kind" in his store. She asked him what she meant by "her kind", and he told her, "Lot lizards."

She walked out and called her supervisor what happened. Her supervisor was PISSED. He called the store manager and told him what happened, and the employee was fired on the spot.
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Old 02-02-2019, 01:14 AM
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It's not legal.

But maybe the issue here more than anything is women have started doing the same thing towards men so it may be the "right to choose your clientele" is less about equality than it used to be since messing with it over here brings up issues with it over there.

As far as women's only gyms, women's only clubs, women's only workspaces - that's all been on the rise recently. That doesn't even get into women's only festivals and all the way down to women's only showings of films. Yea the dude's were stupid to protest that stuff, but on the surface of the issue they're not wrong.

Not saying that to bag on it - I just think the old school (where I come from) interpretation of discrimination is discrimination is sorta dead. The new school seems to be pretty OK with discriminatory behavior as long as it doesn't rub them the wrong way. Essentially the coupling of perceived "power" which is always imbalanced in one direction OK's anything.

But insomuch as this person is doing specific things with men or women, that's not even atypical for New York at this point. And if an AG chooses to go after this case it's going to validate cases against places like The Wing, The Riveter,etc. Those types of establishments used to be power hubs for men keeping their power but were broken up a long time ago. The only reason the other-side equivilent hasn't really gotten slammed yet, is there's not a huge body of current case law so it's easier to let it slide than it would be otherwise.

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