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Originally Posted by mjr View Post
What is "greed" in this context?
What makes a corporation greedy?
"I could pay my employees a wage that means they can buy a house, at least one car, and send their kids to college. It wouldn't negatively affect my bottom line it would just mean taking and cutting the pay of those at the top of the company to a more reasonable amount....nah fuck em"

That's corporate greed when you care more about personal profit than making your company sustainable in the long term or ensuring you have employees who have no reason to leave.

Competition is all well and good when it encourages people to do better but our current climate of "profit over sustainability" encourages worse and worse products with worse and worse performance and ever decreasing survivability for employees.

When a company becomes a vacumn designed to suck up all the money that's corporate greed.

Those same people then spend a lot of time telling others "You can't let the government force me to make sure my employees can live or it will supposedly put me out of business I mean really it just means less money in my pocket"

Seriously contracts that demand a company screw over most of their employees to get rid of a toxic CEO before he blows up the company should be illegal.

Forcing people to only work part time should be illegal.

Paying people less than what they need just to live in their own homes should be illegal.

If people are making the same amount of money their parents did and yet suddenly can't afford to live in the communities they grew up in something is very wrong.

Greed is very simply wanting more than you need when it's actively hurting others for you to get it.

Originally Posted by mjr View Post
I'll give you that. Consider, though, Unions have healthcare. Congress has cushy healthcare. Do you think that either of those groups is going to want to give that up?
I do not remember which of them it was as it's been a long time. There was a man elected into congress who said he refused to use the same heath insurance congress provided to him until it was also provided to his constituents. Yes I believe politicians will do what's in the interest of the people. If they don't the don't re-elect them.

Don't make excuses for why it's okay they screwed over the people they represent don't shift blame to the people suffering because of their decisions. Just don't re-elect the shitty ones.

If someone is against raising taxes thoroughly look at the tax they're against raising.

"I don't want to raise taxes on the middle class. I do not approve of (insert tax that would only affect the objectively rich)"

These are two sentences that have literally nothing to do with each other but politicians will say as if the second is part of the first. They didn't lie they just implied heavily that the measure will screw over a different set of people than it actually affects

I'm non-partisan. My primary issue with a lot of Republicans has nothing t do with party lines it has to do with politics. If a senator was in office and for the impeachment of Bill Clinton but is against the one for Trump they do not belong in office.

Anyone of either party trying to defend Trump to me will not get my vote. I researched him before he was "suddenly a Republican" and ran for office. He was trash.

He spent 8 years openly and with every racist bone in his body attacking our duly and by popular vote elected president. When he failed he ran for office with two obvious missions, 1) Self aggrandizement and 2) A serious attempt to undo anything good that was done by the first black president as the very idea that anyone other than a white male president should exist offends him to his very core.

He is a garbage person. We all know this. Yet people stump for him because "he's Republican"

This is the problem with that party they care more about the party than they do about the American people. That is wrong.
Jack Faire

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Originally Posted by jackfaire View Post
2) A serious attempt to undo anything good that was done by the first black president as the very idea that anyone other than a white male president should exist offends him to his very core.
That's giving him too much credit. Its not the colour of Obama's skin it's that Obama A) Is a better person than him and far more loved and respected + B) Obama made a joke about him once.

Ultimately, Trump is about Trump and everything he thinks and does is based on how can Trump get more money / attention. Racism is just icing on the shit cake.
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