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Churches open, Movie Theaters closed

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  • Churches open, Movie Theaters closed

    I'm angry at the Supreme Court ruling that Churches should be treated like grocery stores because to not do so is "singling out religious groups" The entire argument is predicated on ignoring the fact they were under the same restrictions as movie theaters.

    You arrive at the same scheduled time, you all congregate in close proximity for hours watching what's in front of you. You leave at the same scheduled time. Anyone want to guess what you don't do at a grocery store?

    They argued apples and oranges with the Supreme Court falling over themselves to say that equal treatment is discrimination. What's next if they murder someone in the name of their faith we can't prosecute them? I know that's a ridiculous point but I'm angry. It's spitting on the First Amendment.

    The key is they argued they were being discriminated against by comparing themselves to business that have a completely different operational situation.

    The closest thing to Churches and how they operate is quite simply theaters. Which were the rules they have to follow.

    This isn't letting your kid die because it's against your beliefs to let them have the life saving medication or medical procedure.

    This is deciding it's okay to KILL other people because you want to attend church in person rather than turn on any of the numerous church programs that fill the airwaves on a Sunday.

    Someone's going to try and say "well don't go to church" I'm not but they will come into my store. I've already had people who were supposed to be quarantining due to possible exposure in my store.

    I'm pissed. This is BS. Can anyone give me a good reason this isn't a bunch of BS?
    Jack Faire

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    Not really.

    Unfortunately I think it's become fairly apparent that at the moment it's sort of "which authoritarian streak do you fancy?" when it comes to law with both sides simply taking opposing stances on just above everything.

    The right as it comes to churches would say that is free exercise of religion. The left could look at a theater and say that is free exercise of expression. The right didn't challenge the latter because they just don't care. The left didn't, because frankly they were the party of the president and they know what the President is trying to do with those rules. That said, the left really went to the extreme on the issue over time suddenly trusting the medical establishment far more than they ever have statistically during the event while the right suddenly decided experts who studied the topic were wrong for... reasons.

    The truth is - it doesn't represent a "thought out policy." It just represents the results of our wonky political apparatus.