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Call me by my name! or don't?

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  • Call me by my name! or don't?

    So I'm weird. I spent much of my childhood alone so most of the social skills I have are pieced together as an older kid when I started getting friends and even in college. For the most part I'm great at masking. I can fit into most social situations and look like I have the first clue what I'm doing.

    Something my bosses noted at work is that I don't often use people's names when speaking to them. It's something we're supposed to do when talking to callers on the phone use their name at least twice.

    Here's the thing I use people's names to get their attention or when talking to someone else about them but I rarely if ever use their names to their faces in conversation.

    When people drop my name mid-conversation it always feels weird and unnatural to me.

    Is it just me?
    Jack Faire

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    Originally posted by jackfaire View Post

    When people drop my name mid-conversation it always feels weird and unnatural to me.
    It's definitely not just you. In fact, it bugs me for some reason when they do that. If there are more than two people in the conversation, that's different. But otherwise, if you're only talking to one other person, then they know who you're talking to.
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      Not just you. When I'm talking to someone at work, especially on the phone, I might use their name at the beginning of a conversation, but that's usually it. If I'm in that zone where I'm hyper-aware of what language I'm using, I might use their name again when I say goodbye, but I usually don't.

      I don't understand why it's such a big deal. I get weirded out when someone uses my name every other sentence. I don't want to do that to someone else.
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