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Dilbert takes a dive

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  • Dilbert takes a dive

    I saw this on the CS site and an admin suggested it fits better here ... so here 'tis. Thoughts?
    I've heard that Scott Adams has long since known to be hard right, so (assuming that's accurate) this tirade didn't come out of nowhere.
    Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.
    ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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    It's been years since Dilbert was actually funny, so IDGAF about the comic.


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      He got what he deserved, and he really should've known better.
      People behave as if they were actors in their own reality show. -- Panacea
      If you're gonna be one of the people who say it's time to make America great again, stop being one of the reasons America isn't great right now. --Jester


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        I had several Dilbert strips hanging up at my desk. They were some of the few things I put back up after they moved my desk last time. I ended up taking them down after this scandal broke. Partly because I didn't want anyone thinking I condoned the behavior of its creator, but mostly because I felt dirty having them on my wall after that.
        --- I want the republicans out of my bedroom, the democrats out of my wallet, and both out of my first and second amendment rights. Whether you are part of the anal-retentive overly politically-correct left, or the bible-thumping bellowing right, get out of the thought control business --- Alan Nathan


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          Yea - Scott's one of those people whom 20 years ago had really funny insights on the work culture as he perceived it. A bunch of those trends he went after? Yea they're still there.

          Who he is now seems greatly influenced by his peer group and also the death of his son. For me, the strip is a bit toxic. Sort of like Home Depot - in the end I don't actually care about your political thoughts, but as soon as you make them known to me then I have to measure my purchases against what you'll do with them. And the other reason I have to do that? Because those who do agree with you will tend to give you more business so if I do nothing then you sharing your political underpants is a winner for you.