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Listen to Iron Maiden in 2021? We Want You Gone

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  • Listen to Iron Maiden in 2021? We Want You Gone

    A high school principal in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, posted a picture of herself in Iron Maiden gear. Many parents are trying to have her removed for promoting "Satanic symbols." She works in a public school in 2021.

    Thankfully, the students are putting up a petition to save her job. Iron Maiden has been around almost as long as the parents.
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    Symbiology in the Christian faith always amuses me. I read this book series where a character was a devout Christian but wore a sheep instead of a cross. Her reasoning was "You come back and you see your followers and they're all wearing the instrument of your death"

    I bring this up because I always love the idea of turning the tables on parents like that. "Well why do you wear an anti-Christian torture device around your neck"
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      Sounds like someone is stuck in the 80's. I didn't know the whole "Iron Maiden is the devil's music" bullshit was still a thing. Better not let them find out about Slayer or King Diamond.

      I'm sure they're basing their hysteria over The Number of the Beast, which came out almost 40 years ago. But if they actually researched their work, they'd find that they also write about a lot of history, mythology, and literature.
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