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  • I like your lawyer better than you

    I answer the phones for a variety of clients some of whom are apartment buildings. Now something to note is that I answer in the middle of the night. For most places unless someone is bleeding, the building is burning, or it's flooding they won't deal with it until the morning.

    Let me tell you that a car parked where it's not supposed to be is not on any of my clients lists of reasons to get them out of bed. I had a caller upset because he's been harassing them to tow a vehicle for two days. The fact I won't immediately call it out as an "OH MY GOD HURRRY OUT OF BED NOW" emergency at 1 am in the morning in his mind is the exact same as saying that it's okay to park there between X hours and that if he himself gets towed he has legal grounds to sue them in the future.

    I'm hoping if he does have a lawyer that said lawyer will point out the stupidity of that logic. Just becasue there isn't someone standing guard 24/7 to ensure everyone follows the rules doesn't mean the rules can't be enforced and someone not wanting to be woken up to go enforce them doesn't mean that they can't get home late from a party see the car parked illegally and decide to have it towed.

    I hate these callers that think becuase they called in the middle of the night that it's life or death. When more often than not it's them being a nosy neighbor, rules lawyers, or otherwise pain in the ass who thinks their inability to go to bed and sleep should be EVERYONE'S problem.

    Yes there are things you can get away with if you know when people are likely to give a shit. Parking somewhere you shouldn't during the night is a well known one but it's a gamble. I will never give someone the tacit permission they want to hand their lawyer.
    Jack Faire