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    I stopped buying all the "required" text books after getting burned by a few courses that had me purchase a large pile of books then never opened them or tested any material from within them. I rolled the dice and waited till the first class to get the syllabus and verify exactly which ones i needed and just how old I could safely go edition wise. Occasionally i missed being able to but the used edition had to pay full price on a new one but more often than not I saved money that way. The bookstore was horrible about buying them back, getting a dollar return on $100 paperback edition was common. Made more money selling them online than I could on campus.

    I had one professor that didn't assign a text book- he was an adjunct professor teaching year to year and his contract wasn't being renewed for the following fall semester. He opted to use up all his photocopy chits and teach the class via handouts (ethics in science course, a whole lot of fun with some serious critical thinking along the way) as a way of getting back at the school.


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      I ended up renting my text books today and still ended up paying over 500 dollars. WTF?


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        I was trying to save money while in college too. I got a account and that saved me a lot of money. I also sold some on my books on there and got more then what I could've gotten at the book store.

        I'm looking at going back and getting an online degree but I really am not looking forward to finding the textbooks.
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