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  • Buying a car

    Over the last 2 months I have been looking for a replacement vehicle for my now almost broken down (used mostly for my pizza delivery job) car.

    I have again come to loathe the process especially at the larger dealer lots (but also at some of the "corner" smaller lots.

    I am very upfront with them as to what I require/need for a vehicle to be acceptable. Some of the standard things like 4 doors, smaller body size, non GM (because of the recent MASSIVE 12 model year recall for the ignition key problem), nothing European (very expensive to fix and parts are no better), etc. seem to be no problem.

    I also have very specific financial requirement since I am GOING to beat the shit out of this vehicle. AND I do not make (as per the stereotype) fist fulls of money doing the job I do. So I am NOT going to consider a top of the line say 2 or 3 year old Toyoda Corolla with 30k miles for $12k. That is way above my financial limit even with financing.

    The problem comes when most try and UPSELL me to that newer car and I keep telling them NO NO NO

    Then they find out (as I am trying to finance the purchase) that I have little in the way of credit history. NOT bad credit but little use of credit. I have even offered to put $1500 down. The last credit I used was 6 years ago when I bought the car I currently have. I do NOT use credit cards as I only have one at present and the one or two that I had were dropped about 20 years ago in a bankruptcy (not a big amount even for the time about $800). They want me to put down like $3k and that is way too much for me to spare .

    Then they want to get all buddy buddy and act like we are BFFs and have some sort of bromance going on. (shudder )

    Yeah I know they are just trying to maximize THEIR commission BUT NOT at my expense.

    I talked to my after having some minor work done and he put me in touch with an estate he knew was selling a car. Not exactly what I wanted but the price was right.
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