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Embryos switched during IVF

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  • Embryos switched during IVF

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, but this article got me thinking:

    This couple wanted to have a second kid, but they were having trouble conceiving, so they decided to go the IVF route. They went through all the hassle and expense because they want to have a child that's their own. Apparently, adoption wasn't an option for them.

    Eventually, Daphna gave birth to a healthy baby girl. But the baby's "complexion and hair were much darker than the couple’s own, and that of their first daughter." The parents had a visceral reaction. Family members commented that the baby didn't look like them. Despite that, the couple and their first daughter bonded with the baby. Daphna breast fed her. They suppressed their concerns for months.

    When they finally decided to have a DNA test, they discovered that the baby wasn't genetically theirs. It sounds like the IVF clinic introduced them to the couple who had given birth to their genetic child. They spent time together, eventually deciding to switch babies. After a YEAR. A year of caring for a child that you'd birthed. A year of your daughter bonding with the baby and growing together. Somehow, they decided the right thing to do was to give up this baby in favor of a baby who's genetically theirs, but was birthed and cared for by someone else for the first year of their life. I just can't fathom it.

    The couple is now (rightly, I agree) suing the IVF clinic they used who mixed up the embryos before they were implanted.

    What do they do now? Do they continue to have contact with the other couple and raise their children as friends? It's an unusual trauma to bond over.

    "The future is always born in pain... If we are wise what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world." --G'Kar, "Babylon 5"

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    Man modern technology bringing back the switched at birth concerns. I mean that's the whole reason hospitals use those medical wristbands for patients now is because of giving birth and babies getting switched. This feels like such a "It's impossible to switch babies now" combined with a "Hold my beer" moment.

    and not totally trying to be funny but there are common parental sayings like "I brought you into this world I can..." and I'm thinking how in little ways that will just bring back that trauma.
    Jack Faire