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Back to School or Lack of School this is the question?

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  • Back to School or Lack of School this is the question?

    I have asked this as a hypothetical before in the past but now it's about to be 2022 I'm 41 years old and this is a very real very decision making question.

    I'm doing the preliminary work for my taxes getting an idea of what my return is going to be. As of getting my return I could pay off what remains of my student loans in full and as such open myself up to finally going back to school like I've wanted.

    Things to note.

    My job doesn't require a college degree. Nor is my job likely to go away anytime soon. I provide phone agent services to various clients doing everything from sales to customer service to reception work and safety monitoring and paper work.

    That being said in theory getting a college degree could get me a better paying job. I say in theory as plenty of people are graduating college and finding it hard to find work. There's other factors like the odds of other jobs allowing me to work from home are much lower meaning that incidental expenses of my commute. I can now get my license so I could drive to work but working from home right now I save a lot on gas and insurance.

    Needing to only drive rarely.

    Either way my student loans are getting paid off but if I'm not rushing back to school i can put the money into savings for a buffer while making payments i can now afford to pay off my loans.

    What are your thoughts?
    Jack Faire