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"Yes, we know--you're better than everyone else."

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  • "Yes, we know--you're better than everyone else."

    I actually just said that to a family member. The conversation was in regard to a shelf above the dryer that I tend to bump into and I'm reaching for things on top of the dryer because the shelf sticks out way too far. My hair got caught on it just now and before I beaned myself in the temple. It's just at eye level even though I'm not that tall (just under 5' 6" but a couple inches taller than said family member, which is important here). I complained about it and the answer was that the people who had the house before were probably shorter than me. Not likely; I'm not overtall, and beside, that doesn't matter to the people who live here NOW. I'm not going to take it down and tick off the rest of the household so I need to figure something out. I think I'll stick a towel on the corner of it.

    Anyway, the annoying thing is that I said it reminds me of working in retail where the rule was that we didn't leave empty arms of a 4-way clothing fixture because if there aren't clothes to the end of it, it can be easy to miss and you can run right into it. If you think about it, customers are scanning all the clothes and might not notice right away. When I'm shopping I always pull the clothes forward. I've occasionally hit one of them with my shoulder while trying to move around in between them. What I didn't like was the insistence upon "I don't run into them." That statement was made twice. So I retorted--wish I hadn't; it was rude--the post title and she responded "On this particular point, yes." Well no; on lots of points.

    I'm just irritated that it feels like a dig. I am accident prone because I move too fast and because of my particular height. My head is right in line with car frames, cupboard doors, shelves, etc. I'm completely average height for a U.S. woman. She is a shrimp who's had accidents, too. Not as often as me, but by no means is the number zero. I feel a bit put down which is really unnecessary. All that really needed said was "Should we take it down or put a more narrow shelf?"--something helpful rather than critical. But in this house critical is the name of the game. It's like I live at work.