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    I'm wondering about folks who no longer like certain movies/genres/games, and why?

    Here's some of mine.

    Japanese Anime.

    I used to be a fan when I was younger. Though the only ones I can remember are the Patlabor movies, Ghost in the Shell, and Armitage 3rd. I've fallen out of the genre, due to what I call "Anime Bullshit". Essentially incredibly outlandish plot elements. Case in point: Pacific Rim: Black on Netflix. An anime series based on the Pacific Rim movies! Sold! Or so I thought. Spoilers: Few episodes in, we get introduced to a little boy who's essentially Superboy. He gets shot at point-blank range, gets up without a scratch. And he can transform into some kind of super-Kaiju. As if that wasn't bad enough, there's also a drone-Yaegar that got infected with Kaiju bio-matter, and turned into some kind of superbot that can curb-stomp Kaiju and Yaegars with ease. To quote November Ajax, "Seriously?" Even if this didn't take a dump all over Pacific Rim's lore, it's shitty writing. Sadly seems prevalent enough in Anime, to cause me to lose interest in the genre.

    Cop Shows

    Was a huge fan of Law & Order back during its original run. Plus other cop shows, like NYPD Blue. But reality has completely soured the genre for me. Real cops and prosecutors are not your friends. They don't give a crap if you're guilty or not, only that they can make an arrest stick. What really cinched it for me, was a later-season of Law & Order. The Suspect of the Week was a proverbial Scary Black Dude (tm) with a bad reputation. But unlike almost every other ep, this guy absolutely refused to talk to the cops or prosecutors. Well it turns out he was innocent, framed. But Jack McCoy refused to apologize for falsely prosecuting him, claiming "He looked guilty on paper, and acted guilty in person." Seriously??? Because he had the temerity to properly exercise his rights, that made him look guilty? Hell no. Portraying these people as the good guys just doesn't sit right with me anymore. For more info on why you should never talk to real police:

    Old-school RPGs

    I grew up playing top-down turn-based RPGs like Dragon Warrior (Quest), Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger*. Nostalgia-enthusiasts may consider this sacrilege, but I simply don't enjoy that kind of gameplay anymore. Compared to modern RPGs like KOTOR, Dragon Age, and the Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun games, those older games feel like glorified spreadsheets. Way I see it, KOTOR/Dragon Age are much more fun, where combat takes place in real-time, but you can pause the game to plot moves and strategies. This isn't a knock on the turn-based style. The Shadowrun games integrated turn-based mechanics with the environment and taking cover, just like the XCOM series. That was great, and I'd love it if a future Final Fantasy game copied that style. But wandering around in an overworld, wading through endless random encounters, just isn't fun anymore. *Chrono Trigger did a lot to enhance the old formula, integrating fight-space with the overworld, and allowing enemies to be visible. I'm surprised those improvements never caught on.

    So what things/genres don't you like anymore, and why?
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    It would help if you think of anime as a medium instead of a genre. My Hero Academia is very different than My Roommate Is a Cat. Also, you're missing out of good anime if you focus on bad anime. That goes for any media and genres.
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