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MARVEL'S What If.. (Spoiler Warning)

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  • MARVEL'S What If.. (Spoiler Warning)

    Is there more than one watcher in the MCU?

    From everything I ever read in the comics Uatu is one watcher of many whose assigned area to watch is Earth. Not the multiverse of Earth but Earth. While he can peek into other timelines that's not his job. In those other timelines they have their own Uatus.

    So this brings me to Party Thor and Victorious Ultron

    Uatu that's onscreen is caught by surprise both times. In Party Thor's world when Victorious Ultron invades he's shocked.

    Later when watching Victorious' Ultron he's also shocked.

    I have a theory that what we're seeing are two entirely different Uatus.

    The Uatu that watches Party Thor is from a more comicbooky fun part of Marvel.

    He's probably seen Thanos with a Thanoscopter. The Earth he watches is probably low stakes fun and silliness the epitome of old school comic books.

    He's looking at other timelines similar to that one but that went differently.

    Part of why I think this is that Party Thor is a total tonal shift from every other episode of What If.

    Every other timeline we look at naturally leads to a darker timeline than the MCU. Party Thor's timeline had no darkness until Victorious Ultron showed up.

    Jack Faire