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15 Reason Why People are Leaving the Church

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  • 15 Reason Why People are Leaving the Church

    A website called Because Mom Says has compiled a list of 15 reasons many people leave the faith.

    Perfect example of the greedy megachurch would be Creflo Dollar's aborted effort to raise funds for a $65 million private jet.
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    That's an interesting link. I like to tell myself I left the Church (I was raised Catholic) because I no longer believed in the God that I had been brought up to believe in. It's a little more complicated than that. I was raised to believe that God answers prayers. And he didn't answer the most important one I ever had: "How could a good, all-powerful God take away a good man from a family who needed him?" My dad died of complications from cancer when I was 15. My family kind of fell apart after that. I went on a soul-searching journey, and at the end of about 5 years, I decided I was an atheist. Still am, another 20+ years later.

    So if we put all that into a category like in the link, I guess it would be the inconsistent and often hypocritical message of the Church?
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