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  • Only One's Own Opinion is Correct

    I'm seeing this more and more, especially on social media. People jump down others' throats for just having an opinion and stating it at all. I was reminded today that a couple of months ago I responded to my friend's post in agreement with what she was saying. It also agreed with two other people's statements and my story exemplified what they were saying. I wasn't even arguing with them--and even so, people can be civil when they disagree if they try--and they jumped down my throat, told me I didn't know how to read, and blocked me. Overreact much? I wasn't allowed to have an opinion at all, apparently. I see it all over. I defend people who get jumped on. It's just bullying coming out of grandiose self-importance. That's always existed, that arrogance, but it seems to be rampant now. You can't even have a discussion anymore, online or offline. You can't even agree with someone at this point.

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    The last few years in the US have seen the glorification of ignorance and viewing everything not aligned with your stupidity with open hostility. It was always there but it really took center stage in recent years.


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      Yes, it stretches from social media to my own household. It's exhausting. I now have a locked Twitter account and I limit who can reply to my tweets. It's better that way. It has the added benefit of ticking off trolls who want to, well, troll me.