If you lose even one part of the process then suddenly you lose the licensing rights to ALL your content.

So here's what's going on. I turned off 2 step verification for Amazon because it requires that you use a mobile phone number. Issue being I was losing that number as I was switching to a cheaper landline during this whole crisis as I had to shift to a job that pays me less money. Well it got turned back on and not by me.

Now I can't access my account without giving a code that's being sent to a phone number that I no longer have. They said they needed an image of my State ID with my address and my name. Well that's a problem because when I sent that to them they said, "Nope not good enough"

Currently my laptop is the only thing that can access my Amazon account and if it gets disconnected I lose everything I've spent literal years building up. The only exception being those movies who have rights sharing through Movies Anywhere.

I don't like using 2 Step Verification because it takes me out of the process. I built a "randomized" password that has never been hacked. Ever. It's a very secure password algorithm and to anyone else looks like randomized characters. All the 2nd step does is secure my account from me in cases like this.