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People on venting forums/sites/threads who blame it on you.

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  • People on venting forums/sites/threads who blame it on you.

    I guess it's that other sites beside CS don't have "failing to see the suck" or whatever.

    I have an issue with my family having to be dragged into doing any housework at all. One will leave a box from their own mail order sitting in the hallway for days until I take care of it. I do ask. I asked specifically about that yesterday. Asked if it was needed and was told it was trash. Specifically asked if that could be taken care of today and did not get a confirmation. I won't; they don't want to do it. That's the part that irritates me. At one point it was said "You don't say anything. You just get mad and we know it." So I started saying something and it was met with defensiveness. I still do. It's exhausting.

    Anyway, if I vent about it on any of various sites, I'll get "Well, did you talk to them about it?? Whining here won't help you."


    This thread was started specifically for venting.
    Yes, I've talked to them. If they were pulling their weight, would I be here?
    Maybe that specific instance wouldn't bother you, but news flash--I'm not you and I have right to feel any way I want to. I don't need your correction nor your permission. If you can't support or help, why are you in here? Opportunity to put people down? Sorry that you don't like you and that you have to do that to feel superior.