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    Now I know most ex's out there are not to be liked/trusted. BUT there are plenty of ex's out there that want nothing for the best for you because the relationship failed, the humanity friendship didn't. I have one such ex like this...wish I could say I have two but the second one turned out to be such a asshole that I wish I could forget I ever knew him...even though he still has items of mine.

    But this post isn't about them this is about my boyfriend's ex. We will call her Parkin.

    Now Parkin from what I understand grew up in a physical and emotional household. She was supposed to be a boy and of course was born minus one penis. So she lived with taunts, hits, and other form of abuse. Not anything pretty and I think if I knew her in a better light I would extend friendship since I grew up with the Father who tried to kill me multiple times.

    She has gone to talk to those who might be able to help but whenever it seemed to get rough she got physical and then refused to go. She, last I knew, was talking to a psychologist who has confirmed to her that she has never done anything wrong and that it is all boyfriends fault. The fact that her boys with boyfriend have stated repeatedly that they don't want to live with her is just from the boyfriend tainting their minds against her.

    Now boyfriend is one of those who will stick around in even the hardest situations. He's taken her blows, her words, and even her manipulations. Things came to a boil last December and the relationship was done, over, gone. Well the relationship was technically over 8 years ago when she kicked him out but last December they were still randomly sleeping together. I called him a outright idiot on that.

    About two years ago their eldest was diagnosed with ADHD, and the chemical version not just some teachers say-so. Parkin moaned loud to Ontario that she was so tired from being a single Mom, she just could handle the stress anymore and couldn't they do something for poor little ol her? So the eldest was placed in a home for developmentally challenged boys. Which makes it very hard for the boyfriend to see his son since he doesn't have a license. (We're working on that one, but since he hasn't had a license in so long he has to start from the beginning.) The home will only bring him to see boyfriend if the boy will also be visiting Parkin the same day. Normally that wouldn't be a problem but boyfriend just got a new job and Parkin refuses to work with him on getting to see the eldest on his days off. Which honestly...she got fired from her job and refuses to get a new one, not like she doesn't have time.

    So about 6 weeks ago youngest was enjoying time with boyfriend and was assured that Parkin would pick him up at 5:30 so they could make pizza and pick things up for a summer group that youngest is apart of. She showed up at 10:30 claiming that she forgot to pick up youngest.

    5 weeks ago, claimed that both kids were sick so he can't see them. Upon calling the home that eldest is in...found out that was a lie but that she had cancelled the visit.

    4 weeks ago, boys are supposed to be at a camp for a whole week...wrong they were gone for three days cause she pulled them back early. During that time I was visiting boyfriend in Ontario and kinda lamented the fact that I couldn't see either boy. Not knowing that we went past them a few times. She about this time got a message on facebook from someone saying check this out. It was a link to my page talking about how I was enjoying the company of my boyfriend.

    3 weeks ago, she cancels the visits and refuses to talk to him.

    2 weeks ago, changes eldest's doctor to one that eldest has says that he does not like.

    1 week ago, supposed to have a meeting with CAS. She cancels it, says that she will tell boyfriend and oh btw moves eldest to a home that is over a hour away and that won't drive him to see boyfriend. Younger son can't be found because she has blocked boyfriend's number.

    Today...still no sign of eldest and boyfriend who has been trying to get a number for the home has been told repeatedly that he has to get it from the case worker who moved the boy and changed his doctors. Unfortunately this means little since the case worker boyfriend is working with NEVER gave such requests or changes...she is in the dark to.

    Youngest finally threw such a fit that Parkin was "forced" to bring him to see boyfriend when she started throwing fit to boyfriend about him being a lazy Dad and a inattentive one. She hopes his "girlfriend" who is nothing but a "American slut" is as ugly as she hopes and that if he stays with me she will take him to court to remove ALL parental rights from him. Apparently I'm a danger to her boys.

    I swear I have never wanted to give someone such a beat down before.

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    Have I ever mentioned how much I hate exes, namely baby mamas?

    I mean really. I've never known such a vindictive breed of person in my life.

    Sorry about the rant. Onward.