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    The rules are going to be loose and simple to start with.

    1. No pornography or linking to similar. We're fairly easy-going over here, but not that easy-going.

    2. If you're offended by someone insulting your ideas, tough. This is where you debate things - you can either ignore it and leave the site, or you can get stuck in and repudiate their claims. As long as other posters are staying within the rules, you will.

    3. Respect your fellow members. You can take a person's idea to pieces and insult that if you like, but you will not insult or belittle your fellow forumers. "That idea doesn't work because..." is fine. "You're a moron if you believe that" is not. "That's a moronic idea" is borderline. No ad hominem attacks, please. However, insulting politicians and other famous figures - as long as nothing libellous is posted - is acceptable. If it's provable, it's not libel. If you heard it somewhere and there's no proof, you risk harming the site.

    4. We reserve the right to change these rules as and when we see fit. We will do our best to inform you if this happens, and we expect it to happen every so often, but the onus is upon the user to refer back to these rules every so often and keep an eye on things.

    5. Don't expect the moderators to remain neutral. The moderating and admin team are also members, and whilst we will not use any moderating abilities to win arguments, we have our opinions and will express them.

    6. Language - no 'leet' speak ('k3wl' etc). No racial slurs unless the slurs are the subject of discussion. Other than that, harsh language is allowed in moderation. (ie don't use the word 'fuck' every other sentence).

    7. If you're losing a debate, don't come running to us. It's your view and opinions under the microscope, so you have to defend them.

    8. Content - don't just post "Politician X smells funny, and so do his policies." Which policies? Why?

    9. Certain forums will likely have their own rules and guidelines. Keep an eye on those as well.

    10. Never take any emnity from this site elsewhere. It happens here, it stays here.

    11. While we had to enable post counts so that certain anti-spam measures could be implemented, it is not a green light to post for the sake of a post count. Any posts that are deemed as "padding" by the moderators may be removed.

    12. Copyrighted material
    Copyrighted material cannot be posted on our forum unless the source is clearly stated and verified, preferably with a corresponding link to the original work. Additionally, please do not cut-and-paste any materials, text or otherwise, from any other web site onto Fratching! unless you can show that permission has been granted by the other site's owner. A working link to said material is OK. (If you are unable to link to the material in question, please paraphrase it in your own words, rather than copy it verbatim.) A final word about copyrights: if you're unsure whether or not something is copyrighted, it's best to assume that it is.

    13. You can argue points and try to get people to see your point of view, but you can't try and persuade people to go and help in direct action. We're here for debate, not recruiting.

    14. Don't be a cock. The moderating team are the final arbiters in what is cockery and what isn't.

    Last edited by Boozy; 08-26-2008, 10:00 PM. Reason: Added copyright guidelines
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    A quick bump is in order to note section 12 - copyrights. Please don't wholesale copy and paste other people's work. Snippets are usually fine in the eyes of the law and decent operating practice, but copying a slew of someone else's work is pretty bad form.

    Proud to be a W.A.N.K.E.R. - Womanless And No Kids - Exciting Rubbing!
    Reclaiming words is fun!